Client: McDonald's
Year: 2013
Range: Warsaw

Chalkboard Menu


Ambient style campaigns organized for McDonald's were intented to highlight the changing menu together with the changing time of day. The idea alluded to the restaurant, which put information about ultra-fresh meals each day on chalk boards.

We drew new colourful graphics on a specially constructed billboard, twice a day for several days, that was located in front of one of the busiest McDonald's in Warsaw.  Mural layouts were developed by an invited artist in consultation with the staff of the restaurant. The event was immortalized on film, and ambient action received wide coverage in the media and won three nominations for Cannes Lions 2013.

Chalkboard Menu for McDonald's restaurant in Warsaw | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio
Chalkboard Menu mural McDonald's in Warsaw | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio
Breakfast menu for McDonald's Chalkboard mural in Warsaw | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio
McDonald's Poland Chalkboard Menu mural in Warsaw  | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio
Handmade Chalkboard Menu for McDonald's | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio
Ambient Campaign for McDonald's Poland in Warsaw Chalkboard Menu | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio
Ambient campaign for McDonald's Poland | Chalkboard Menu | Portfolio