Client: Heyah
Year: 2012
Range: Debki

Heyah Debki


To mark the rebranding of the Heyah brand, we designed and painted a series of small murals in front of a live audience. This took place in Dębki, one of the most eventful beach venues  on the Polish coast.

However, this was not an ordinary painting. Every weekend we have painted new graffiti on the walls surrounding the gardens of the events container. Painting was planned in such a way that the photographic documentation of individual murals, interesting frame by frame animations were created interesting animations. Our timelapse served as video content to online communication on the Heyah Dębki YouTube channel obtaining more than 50,000 views.

More Debki mural streetart Heyah | Heyah Debki | Portfolio
Live painting Heyah More Debki mural | Heyah Debki | Portfolio
Live painting Heyah Debki | Heyah Debki | Portfolio
Heyah More Debki Live painting on the beach | Heyah Debki | Portfolio
Timelapse mural Heyah Debki | Heyah Debki | Portfolio