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Artistic Murals

We run art and community projects. We are authors of recognized works which have become permanent fixtures in city space.

We create complex graphics designs on facades of residential buildings, business establishments and public utility buildings. We paint large format reproductions of paintings and organize live art painting shows. We cooperate with recognized Polish and foreign artists.

Aside from commercial clients, we work for acknowledged art institutions, including museums, theatres, galleries, but also government offices. 

PKP Energetyka light installation Good Energy mural in Warsaw | Artistic Murals | Our offer

Mural + light installation

Artistic Zoliborz Jerzy Ficowski Apartments estate in Warsaw | Artistic Murals | Our offer

Implementation of projects by famous artists

Galeria Krakowska mural in Cracow shopping mall Pawia street | Artistic Murals | Our offer

Implementation of the competition murals