Client: TVN
Year: 2014
Range: Warsaw



For the television channel TVN we created a three-part mural to promote the new season of the Masterchef program.

For one week each month, fans of the Masterchef program voted via Facebook for ingredients, from which Magda Gessler, Michel Moran and Anna Starmach created recipes for their dishes. At the end of each week, our graphic artist illustrated the recipe on the wall.

The painting of each recipe was accompanied by sampling of the dish cooked personally by the author of the recipe in the vicinity of the mural. 

Large format mural for TVN Masterchef Poland in Warsaw near Polna street Politechnika subway station | Masterchef | Portfolio
Recipes on the wall for Masterchef TVN program | Masterchef | Portfolio
TVN something more mural on the wall near Politechnika subway station Masterchef | Masterchef | Portfolio
Advertising mural Masferchet Poland in Warsaw beside Politechnika subway station and University of Technology | Masterchef | Portfolio
Large format painting fot TVN station in Warsaw Polna street near Politechnika subway station Masterchef | Masterchef | Portfolio
Mural on the building for TVN in Warsaw Polna street Burger Tortilla Pizza Magda Gessler Michel Moran Anna Starmach | Masterchef | Portfolio